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Welcome to Pilot Flight Academy's Pilot Test. This is just a general assessment, a few simple questions to give you an idea of ​​what it takes to become a student at our school and thereafter to act as a pilot in a commercial airline.

Today we see an increasing need for new pilots all over the world, and you will find that one of the best pilot educations is located in Norway, at Pilot Flight Academy - Scandinavia's largest and most professional flight academy.

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How old are you?

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How tall are you?

Answer in centimeters, like 180


What is your weight?

Answer in kilograms, like 80

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Do you have any visual problems?


Do you have normal colour vision?


Do you squint?


Would you like a job that provides career opportunities and where you can gain leadership responsibilities?

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Do you have a normal breathing and lung function?


Do you have a normal heart function and blood circulation?


Do you have a normal stomach and intestine function?


Do you use any medicines that you think might affect your ability to fly an aircraft?


Do you suffer from any mental illness?

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Would you like a job that is well paid and provides status?


Do you have a high school degree?


Do you speak, read and write english?


Do you have any remarks in the police registry?


Would you like a job that gives you the ability to travel and work in an international environment?

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This is just a general assessment and must be taken with reservation. The feedback from this survey should be considered as an indication, and individuals making "not ideal" response options can nevertheless be considered as aeromedical suited to the Aeromedical Section. It is emphasized that final and true assessment must be made by the Aeromedical Section.

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